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Sure Signs He is Into You – Figuring Out the Man of Your Dreams

You are in love with a guy, and you want to find out the signs that he is into you.  After all, most women would often find themselves crazily infatuated with a man and only find out that their feelings are not returned.  To help them analyze the situation, what they need to do is to find out the basis indications that your man is interested with you.

First, sign of true interest is when he calls you up for no reason at all.  This includes conversations that are so out of the blue and untypical of those that just want to be the “friends” type.  Basically, this means that he misses your voice and would love to hear you.

Another of the sure signs he is into you is if he shows up on your date on time. This will show that he is eager to please you.  This means that he will either be early or perhaps only a minute to five late for your date.  If ever he gets held up on certain events, and if he calls you to inform you, then most probably he wants to get into your good graces and will show that he cares about keeping the relationship to another level of reliability.

For men who are just playing around, they would not speak highly of their girlfriends to their male friends.  This makes them look weak, and they will lose the chance to hook up with other women.  However, if your perfect man would let his friends know all about you, then most likely these are the signs he is into you for a longer relationship.

It would seem to embarrass you that his friends will know the deepest intimate details about you, but you should be proud of it as it means that all he can talk about is you and nobody else.

When a man gives you the key to his apartment or home, it is that next step to building a life together.  After all, it is like opening the doors to what kind of person he is as the home is always the best way to know a guy.

Essentially, this would also show that he is not hiding anything, and he is opening his doors for a deeper relationship.  Lastly, asking your opinion about certain decisions in everything is probably the surest of all signs he is into you.